The essence of Independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Heartiest Welcome from the Principal

It is a hard, but an achievable task to break the boundaries to create an identity for oneself; with the right passion, devotion and dedication, anything is possible!

Education as a field to engage in was always a challenging, yet attractive feature; the awareness that the right kind of education would/could help evolve an individual, unique in his / her thought processes.

The completion of Montessori courses in Primary and Elementary, the philosophies and methodology of Dr Maria Montessori resulted in the creation of a spark that ignited so bright, that refused to dim at any cost! Adding to this, the desire to create a difference, provide and promote a joyous learning space for students thus making the school- going experience an exciting and purposeful one…. All of these were instrumental in the birth of Sprouts Montessori House of Children!

One day, during a brain storming session to decide a name for the school, highlight points of what kind of education was planned to be provided was done, after listing a few characteristic pointers, the name Sprouts fitted perfectly.

On a bright sunny day in the month of June 2003, in the living room of my residence, juggling furniture before and after classes, Sprouts began as an after-school program for children in the age group of 3 to 6 years (Primary)…..with 4 children!

An experience worth remembering - the struggle for 14 years now from 4 to currently 300 plus students, functioning across 3 campuses, from Toddler to Primary to Lower & Upper Elementary and finally the Early Adolescence - not easy, but definitely an exciting journey worth mentioning!

At every stage an organic growth, giving true meaning to the name – Sprouts!

With the same passionate determination and devotion to children, and with them showing us the next step to take, Sprouts will keep growing and pushing boundaries to make the impossible, Possible!

Sprouts is blessed with students who are relentless in their quest for learning. As an educator, the realization has been that the perfect combination lies in providing the right input, space and environment for our children and allowing them to set their pace for learning.

In this present time where the world has become one global entity, the challenge lies in providing our children a myriad learning opportunities; there are no boundaries that define or confine the learning space for young minds.

This results in their development and evolution into discerning, confident young individuals, imbibing the requisite qualities that will eventually define them as mature adults.

Knowledge needs to be incubated; this incubation will eventually mature into wisdom through life experiences and multiple inputs from family.

With this note, Welcome to Sprouts and we look forward to interacting with you and building a long term relationship!