The Greatest sign Of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if i did not exist.'

- Dr. Maria Montessori

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I wish I could go back in time, for I get goose bumps even today when I recall some of the memories with the children.


“Do not worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you." - Robert Fulgrum


This quote that I read a few years ago continues to remain closest to my heart till date. The lovely children at Sprouts more than personify this statement. I would like to recall two of these recent episodes.


Recently one of the children was the first to spot me forgetting my glasses. He was quick to point this out to me and exclaimed "You should wear your glasses everyday". I stood speechless impressed with the child's sense of order.


Another day after an immensely successful Annual day celebrations, it gave me great pleasure to see some of the Reading and Writing progress I had introduced come to life when a couple of children very excitedly spoke passionately about the planets , layers of the Earth-core,mantle and crust. These were all based on their observations of the Annual Day.

In the last 12 years that I recall resonates back in some ways or the other with Fulgrum’s quote. These memories make my day totally worth it

Mrs S. Sundari - Primary Co-ordinator

Montessori method of education guides and grooms each child by understanding and identifying the needs of the child and draw the best out of them to grow into a more independent self and also aids in overall development of the child. This is followed in Sprouts.


When a child enters Sprouts he/she becomes very important. The child is not taken as one among the many. He is given individuality and help is offered to the child not only academically but also in all round development. The learning is taken to the next level. It is not like a monotonous training where the teacher is standing in front of the children and giving lectures. The child is given individual presentations for each activity. Also at Sprouts, whatever is taught through pictures in group activities the children are able to see visually through PPTs which is conducted for almost every topic of the week in the school.


In Sprouts a lot of activities are organized like Yoga, Sports, eco-friendly Campaigns etc. Interactive sessions through Show & Tell is also conducted often where the child feels important and they feel confident. Also lot of workshops and training sessions are conducted frequently to upgrade the teaching skills among teachers. Sprouts gives quality education to the children and gives a good learning platform to the teachers. Every child is respected and the children feel free to ask questions to the teachers. There is a holistic approach to the children on whatever subject/topic being taught. Sprouts provides a good conducive environment for the child.

S Bhavani - Assistant Primary Co-ordinator

I walked in to Sprouts Montessori House of Children, almost close to a year ago, actually quite curious to understand what Montessori education was all about, and if it really is useful for a child’s education journey. I must certainly admit for a fact that, through this one year I understood that it’s a transformative journey that deepens a person’s understanding of the potential of children and their ability to transform the world.


Montessori philosophy was new to me but I quickly learned that it celebrated the individuality of each child. In a Montessori classroom, children of mixed ages direct their own path of learning and the teacher is there to manage the classroom. The most important lesson I’ve learned about the working world is that you need to know who you are and what you want to do. This has to come from within first. In my daily life on this job, there is much that can be unexpected. This can be quite unnerving.


I go to work each day to provide a safe and encouraging environment for the children I have in my charge. As a teacher to young children, I am an essential key to their growth and progress in their lives. This is a great responsibility. When you teach young children, they depend on you and their parents also depend on you. When my children are kind to each other and help one another in class, I feel proud and satisfied.

Sasirekha Varadarajan - Primary

At two and a half, I am at a sensorial high,

Yearning for visual and auditory treats.

The House Of Children offers me all I need,

Equipping me for higher feats.


Tall, Short, Thick, Thin,

Are adjectives difficult to sink in.

The Cylinder Blocks with their sockets,

Helps get my linear dimensions perfect.


The attractive Colour Tablets,

Helps me perceive the colours right.

Red, blue and yellow,

Becomes so easy to follow.


Long and short are the Long Rods,

Long enough to stretch my little arms.

Working with them,

Helps me get the length concept right.

The shapes enthuse me,

The Geometric Cabinet looks inviting!

Tracing them with my little fingers,

Makes them a part of me



I can see and feel these sounds!

The Sand Paper letters,

Leads me through the world of words.


Beads, Cards and Spindles,

Takes me to the magical world of numbers.

1,2,3 and 4,

I am never tired of them anymore.


Learning here is pure fun!

With many materials around.

I also learn to wait, share and care,

Preparing myself for the big world!!

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Kamakshi Ashok – Primary

In Montessori the system of schooling totally differs and there is a freedom of speech, freedom to choose materials and move.


The materials are designed in such a way that it is child friendly and has inbuilt control of error.


Also there is more chances of child and adult to bond thereby the adult can create interest in whatever she teaches and build confidence for a great future of the child.

Vijayalakshmi R - Primary

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