Early Adolescence

(12 years – 14 years)

The early adolescents are coming to terms with their new identity as an adolescent and the world outside the family and school. For the first time, they see themselves as individuals who must integrate all of their separate identities into one while moving into a larger community. This is a time of dissonance as childhood ends and a new identity and individuality emerges.

We follow the IGCSE Curriculum for the 6th 7th and 8th grades, keeping in mind the core principles of the Montessori methodology!

The core subjects covered are:

  • Science – Physics, Chemistry, Zoology

  • Maths – Arithmetic, Geometry

  • English – Language, Literature

  • Social Studies – History, Geography, Civics

  • 2nd Language – Hindi / Tamil / French

We provide conceptual understanding through Field Trips, experiential learning and inter disciplinary methodology. The assessment papers are customised and individualised to assess the child’s conceptual understanding and to upscale the teaching methods to maximise the children’s abilities to an optimum level


The Farming program itself provides a holistic education by incorporating the academics involved with Agriculture along with concepts of human values. Children get hands on learning experience by practicing the theory in fields. It is a team work and also subtly helps children imbibe values of sharing, caring and working together. It bonds children with the five elements of nature, helping them evolve at a spiritual level. Dr Montessori believed farming to be a tool for the physical, intellectual and psychical well-being of children and strongly recommended the erdkinder program for the adolescents.


Where Art is more the journey of learning than the end product!  The Upper Elementary and Early Adolescence students explore a new dimension of creativity under the tutelage of Mr. Srinivas Krishnan. Taking varied subjects, making it interesting and bringing it to the consciousness of children of this age, is the exposure that these classes aim at.



Work Time

(Individual & Group activities - Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, Computer)

Circle Time

(Riddles/ Trending news/ facts etc)

Snacks Break

Work Time

(Individual & Group, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)

Lunch Time

Language / Extra Curricular activities

(Structured Sports / Play Time / Kalari / Caligraphy / In House counselling / Creative expressions)

Library Time


A typical day @ Early Adolescence

(8.30 am to 3.30 pm)

With fresh guest lecturers every week! So much is in store this year!! Novel concepts, novel way of learning!!



In-depth introspective and analytical sessions are conducted for the children of the Early Adolescent environment with an in house counselor, Ms. Akanksha Thomas


The children are regularly exposed to Theatre, Art, Kalaripayattu, Sports and Physical Training during school hours as a part of their holistic development.

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