Lower Environment

(6 years – 9 years)

A Lower Elementary child is one that no longer strives for physical independence, but demands intellectual and emotional independence – It is the time for insatiable curiosity, and the child goes into his/her own world of imagination!

The learning environment focuses more on their emerging social skills and providing hands on learning! The materials and books  that focus on areas such as Mathematics, Language, Arts, Reading and Culture are provided ensure to engage the child’s active minds, support their growing skills and ensure all the curriculum areas are covered.

Typical characteristics of an LE child:

  1. Physical Stamina is at his highest, and their endurance and energy know no bounds,

  2. Herd Instinct – Every child feels an identity and attraction his/her peers, that creates a unique social bonding!

  3. Moral Development – There is a strong urge in the child to get clarity on values, and a reasonable/intellectual understanding of the rules that need to be conformed to!

  4. Developing Imagination -  The child finds the most useful tool to enter into society is the use of his imagination.

  5. Hero Worship – The child focuses on key personalities and follows them with fervour and adopts models for social behaviours

  6. Developing Intellect and Abstraction powers – The vast power of the child’s intellect makes him/her to be receptive to intellectual learning and abstract thought!

  7. Responsible Independence –The child discovers inter dependency, and seeks to fulfil his/her social potential by constructively contributing to the community!

The children are regularly exposed to Theater, Physical Training and Art during school hours as a part of their holistic development.



Co-curricular activities

(Play time / Structured Sports / Language / Art Time / Theater

Lunch Time

Work Time

(Culture, Mathematics, Language, Singing, Story Time)

Snack Break

Work Time

(Culture, Mathematics, Language, Oral activities, Singing / Story Time)

Circle Time

(Prayer / Ground Rules / Taking care of environment)

A typical day @ Lower Elementary

(8.30 am to 3.00 pm)

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Take a look at some of the pictures to see how the life of a Lower Elementary child would be, at Sprouts!

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