Primary Environment

(3 years – 6 years)

Being able to speak his/her mind, with better concentration and coordination  of movements, learning through concrete materials, and a myriad of questions awaiting to be clarified! You know you have entered the Primary environment!


A Primary child is blessed with an absorbent mind to effortlessly imbibe a way of learning that will last a lifetime!

The materials offered to these children are intended towards their development aspects! The materials are majorly classified into 5 major areas:


  1. Exercises of Practical Life(EPL)

  2. Sensorial,

  3. Arithmetic

  4. Language

  5. Culture. (Geography, Arts and Sciences like Zoology, Botany, History,  are all part of Human Culture)


The aim of these materials is to help the child move from concrete to abstract concepts and simultaneously ensure that his developmental milestones are achieved. The explosion into writing and reading will take place at this phase.

A well maintained play area along with Yoga and Dance are provided to our children of Primary that gives them ample scope for movement.


Circle Time

(Prayer/Ground rules/ Topic of the week)

Individual Activities

(EPL, English Language, Sensorial, Arithmetic)

Group Activities & Presentations

Play Time

Lunch Time

Circle Time

(Songs, Stories, Social Behaviour)

Language (Hindi/Tamil) &

Culture Activities(Geography, Arts & Sciences)

Extra Curricular Activities ( Yoga/ Dance)


A typical day @ Primary Environment

(8.45 am to 2.30 pm)

Have more questions? Why don't you contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

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Take a look at some of the pictures to see how the life of a Primary child would be, at Sprouts!

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