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Daily Activities

1. Our Main Sprouts Primary Campus

Zoology-Parts of a Frog

Working with Movable Alphabet Box

Types of insects Zoology Cards

Sorting Flowers

Sorting _ Grading the Noise Box material

Representing a Sailboat through Yoga

Puzzle time

Putting pieces of a puzzle together

Putting pieces of a puzzle in place

Pairing the words with Picture Cards

Pairing the name slips with the cards

Observations done while making Chapathi.

Making discoveries with Coloured Cylinde

Listening to the sounds in succession

Listening to sounds and writing

Listening to sounds and forming words

Listening to Phonetic sounds

Linear_Skip counting through Ludo

Learning Traditional Names of numbers

Learning the names of Insects

Learning shapes, names of Geometrical So

Learning shades of a color in Hindi

Leaning numbers with Dynamic Part

Joining dots to complete a picture

Hand Eye Coordination with Beading

Hand Eye coordination

Group activity with Birds

Group activity on numbers with puzzle

Forming words with the adult

Focussed attention-making Lime Juice

Focussed attention - Cucumber chopping

Finding names with Picture Series cards.

Feeling the metal while Pounding Channa.

Exploring different activities

Engrossed in EPL activities

Counting numbers,writing them in order

Concept of squares with Decanomial Squar

Concentrating on making Lemon Juice

Concentrating _ putting pieces in place

Colour Sorting with feathers

Chapati Making improves muscular sense

Bringing the quantity through cards

Associating the symbols with quantities

An exercise with Moveable Alphabet

A regular day at the Primary Environment

A session on different types of flowers.

Krishna Jayanthi

Children enjoying the Krishna Jayanthi c

learning to make cheedais_having fun!

Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations

Pet Day

Feeling the fluffy texture of a rabbit_s

Learning about the Turtle on Pet Day

Communicating with pets


A beautiful Rakshabandhan ceremony

Rakhi Celebrations

Rakhi time

Sports Day

March Past by Primary 4

Drill by Primary 4 representing the flam

Drill by Primary 3 representing  _Earth_

Drill by Primary 2 representing _Water_.

Drill by Primary 1 representing _Snow_

Declaring the Sports Meet Open

A colourful display of Pompoms, Bats _ B

March Past by Primary 5

Our Primary Cheer group!

March Past by Primary 2

March Past by Primary 1

March Past by Primary 3

Drill by Primary 5 representing whisical


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WhatsApp Image 2020-01-14 at 10.49

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-14 at 10.49

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-14 at 10.49

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-14 at 10.49

Christmas Carnival

Happy smiles from the Merry-Go-Round

Fancy Dress

Enjoying cotton candy with Smita aunty

Fun time at the Carnival

Enjoying the carnival

Fancy dress event


Halloween at Primary!

Meeting Ms. Maleficient

Smita aunty greeting the children

Brooms and Magic Carpets-Up and away

Suprise visit by Smita aunty

Fun scenes during House Visits

Halloween Celebrations at Primary

Sharing is caring!

Pretty princesses and wizards


Yummy mixture & Dates Laddoos

Fireless cooking in progress

observing how to pound dates

Diwali celebrations

Making savouries together!

Making savouries together!

Sweet and Savoury prep work

Dr. Maria Montessori Day

Lighting candle _ offering flowers

Offering flowers _ lighting a candle

A discussion on Dr. Maria Montessori

Father's Day

Fun time with papa on Fathers Day

Fun time with fathers on Fathers Day

Fathers Day celebrations

Fun time on Fathers Day

Field Trips

A beautiful day at the Farm, OMR

Feeding a Horse at The Farm

Playing with chikens and turkeys at The

Learning to feed goats at The Farm, OMR.

Getting to know animals better

Fun time at The Farm

Exploring the shape and texture of a Jac

Ganesh Chaturthi

Offering flowers to Lord Ganesha

Ganapathi Bappa Morya!

Offering flowers to Lord Ganesha (2)

Grandparent's Day

Fun time with Thathas on Grandparents_ D

Super moments with Paatis on Grandparent

Independence Day

Hockey - the National Sport, illustrated

Rangoli with Smita ma_am

Rangoli Making on Independence Day

Paint me some yellow - said the Mango an

Colouring the National Flower

Bringing the Lotus to life with Pink!


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Onam Celebrations - The vibrant Kathakal

Children at work with the Pookolam

Children working on making a Vibrant Poo

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