Toddler Environment

(Starting to walk – 3 years)

Welcome to the Toddler environment, where our children manifest their truest form by constantly exploring and getting busy at work!


“Silence is golden unless you have a toddler – then silence is just suspicious.” This is something that we have all heard of, at some point in time. However, at Sprouts, there is a faint smell of freedom in the air; this beautiful breeze isn’t spoken about because it is a way of life in our little communities.


A Toddler child has an ‘absorbent mind’ and goes through ‘sensitive periods’ for a few important aspects of development, such as Movement, Language, Order, Tiny Objects and Social Behavior.

At Sprouts, we prepare the child through an orientation by showing him/her pictures of the aunties in class, maintaining the same routine through the day, etc, which makes them feel that they are in control and gives them a strong sense of security!

Even the adults (directresses) at Sprouts go through a preparation phase, where they not only work on preparing the right materials for the classes, but also on intangible factors like how to handle children on an emotional level and recognize when they are going through their various sensitive periods, all while displaying graceful movements and speaking softly and beautifully!

The Montessori environment is a space that is prepared for the children keeping their needs in focus/centering their needs. The materials here are carefully thought of to bring Cooperation, Coordination, Concentration, Order and finally Independence.

We do not teach, we present! When presented, there is cooperation, when they cooperate there is repetition or as we like to call “follow up,” in repetition there is concentration and with concentration and repetition the child achieves coordination and when the child has achieved coordination, he/she does not require assistance, which in turn makes them independent.

A typical day @ Toddlers

(9.00 am to 12.30 pm)


Individual Activities

(EPL, Language, Food Prep, Preliminary)

Group Activities & Presentations

(Language, EPL, Food Prep)

Snack Break


Circle Time

(Songs, Stories, Social Behavior)


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