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Daily Activities

A home away from home-Sprouts my school.

Working with multiple activities

Working on puzzles png

Wearing an apron for water activities

We Toddlers are passionate gardeners.

Waiting for a fresh piece of banana

Toddlers work as a little community

The Easel - perfect way to settle a chil

Storytime in session

Stacking graded circles

Squeezing an orange _ tasting

Slicing activity aids in eye_hand coordi

Seed germination presentation

Seed germination follow up in progress

Screwing _ Unscrewing activity.

Replica objects -air transport.

Repetetive activities to perfect movemen

Puzzles brings about focus in a child.

Presentation in progress given to childr

Precise movements in Hand Washing

Playing with the Musical Kitchen

Matching objects to  flash card

Manipulative activity in presentation.

Lemon juice presentation in progress.

Language -exploration in progress

Language activity with flash cards

Independence to take care of oneself

Hand Washing as an exercise

Grading puzzles helps understand superla

Geometric stacking - sensorial activity.

Food prep activity in progress

Complex puzzles,self correcting activiti

Collaborative work with an adult

Chopping carrot sticks- food prep

Choice of work is better when left to ch

Children presenting to children

Chalking together

Chalking allows the child to explore

Beading helps in hand_eye coordination

 Complex puzzle in progress

Beading activity in progress


Pretty Pookolams done at our environment

Beautiful Pookolams done by our Toddlers

Onam Celebrations at Sprouts Toddler

Sorting _ making beautiful designs

Flowers - vibrant and beautiful


Little Krishna entering the premises

Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations _ Toddlers

Offering prayers _ Flowers to the Toddle

Making cute little footprints

Pet Day

Observation of a little love bird

Having a fun time with a kitten

Bold and full of life! .

Expressing her joy in a story format!

Approaching animals twice their size

Pets day being celebrated at Sprouts.

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Christmas Carnival

After a fantastic show!

All set for Retro themed Fashion show

Happy smiles & the Merry-Go-Round

Everyone loves Santa Claus

The crew behing the Carnival

Fun time at the Christmas carnival



Halloween at Toddlers

Cute little kitty

All dressed up for Halloween

Relishing snacks during House Visit

Fun time during House Visit


Toddler campus all decked up

Decorating diyas

Making nutritious sweets for Diwali

Sweet preparation in progress

Pounding dates to make sweets

Field Trip

Play time at Eco Park

Looking at the beautiful Marine life!

Fun time with parents,teachers,children!

Happy and exhausted!! )

What is inside a shark - Let_s explore!.

A fun filled day at the Eco Park

Play Area

Toddlers manifest their true nature

a great space to socialise.

Collaborative play outdoors.

Free spirited toddlers

Chalking outdoors.

Absolute fun with the Trampoline

Waiting for turns

Play is the highest form of research

Jumping helps children coordinate balanc

Outdoor Play sessions! Sheer Joy!

Father's Day

Fathers Day Celebrations!!

Fun time with papa!

Time to shake a leg!

Beautiful moments on Fathers Day!

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Ganapathi Bappa Morya!

Grandparent's Day

Grandparents Day Celebrations

Fun time with Thathas and Paatis!

Fun craft activity with Grandparents

Fun activity with Grandparents

Craft time with Grandparents!

We love you grandparents! )

Independence Day

Independence Day Celebrations

Beautiful sing along moments

Singing songs together

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