Upper Elementary Gallery

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Daily Activities

Live Zoology session!

work brings smiles to these children

What are emotions How to deal with them.

Team Work_one researches,one produces

Story telling introduction to powers

Story and discussions..

Self exploration of the child

Presenting clay models of  vertebrates

Personal attention given to each child

Pangea VS the modern world

one-to-one presentations

Morning session on Value Education

Materials are the aids to self-learning.

Fun times in learning together

Follow Up activity to Equivalence

Group Presentation

Independent work using materials

Play Area

Practicing March Past in their new play

Sports day preparations

Yoga.. healthy life begins early

Play time


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Trip to the Mango Orchard

The UE team in absolute delight

Trying their luck at plucking mangoes

Tanveer trying his hand at Pottery

A trip to Hanu Reddy_s Mango Orchard


World Yoga Day

Craft work on different Yoga Postures

Practicing Parvatasana - The Mountain Po

Urdhva Dhanurasana - The Backward Wheel

Extra Curricular Activities

Importance and yoga - Yoga Day celebrate

House visit - cultural learning

Trying their hand at Pottery

Learning Stage design and its importance

Music is woven deep in the curriculum

Happy Halloween from UE!!

Art work on Halloween

Surprise visit by Smita aunty!

UE team at their spookiest best!


Lrng to make snacks with Nisha aunty

Happy Diwali from UE!

Diyas being painted

Making savouries together!

Diwali time is funtime with friends!

What's Diwali without a little dance

Sports Day

Children proudly marching

Declaring Sports Meet open

UE team depicts Nature!

The obstacle race

Sprinting to victory

The 100 mts Sprint

Sprinting to the Finish Line

Skirting through ladder to cross hurdles

Obstacle Race

Representing Mountains, through Yoga

Representing the Sun, through Yoga

March Past

Hop there,step here,cross all hurdles

Jumping across hurdles

Depicting the rippling rivers

Children in blue, depicting Waterfalls

Children taking part in the 100 mts Dash

An intense Obstacle race

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