Upper Elementary Environment

(9 years – 12 years)

The mind of an Upper Elementary child is turning towards more intellectual and moral aspects of life. It builds a conscience – the inner sense of what is right and wrong! During this phase, the children need to know that the adults in their lives love, respect and understand them!

Also, as they are nearing puberty, they are slowly becoming more aware of their body, which sometimes gives rise to inner emotional turmoils, which they fight hard to understand and come to terms with the new changes in their lives.

The Upper Elementary not only focuses on the acquisition of knowledge, but adds a level of thoughtfulness by inspiring children to think and question.

The UE classroom is divided into four main areas of work: Mathematics (Arithmetic & Geometry), Language (English, Tamil & Hindi), Culture (History, Geography, Botany & Zoology) and Science. Each child is supplied with their work books to record their daily work and presentations. These serve as organizational tools for the student, fostering his independent learning. There is constant emphasis on fluency, comprehension, correct grammar, creative writing, etc.

Moral activities and discussions about the virtues and vices are done with the children, to bring to their conscious mind the aspects of right and wrong and also to empower them to conclude the same for themselves.

Interesting and innovative formats are used to further hone the minds of the Upper Elementary children:


The children are regularly exposed to Physical Training and Art during school hours as a part of their holistic development.

A typical day @ Upper Elementary  Environment

(8.30 am to 3.00 pm)


Circle Time (Prayer/ Ground Rules/Rules/Conversations on varied topics / Child Sharing  their expereiences / Daily News discussions)

Work Time (Individual & group  on

Mathematics, Science, Culture)

Snack break

Work Time (Individual & Group

on Mathematics, Culture & Science, Language)

Lunch Time

Structured Sports/Play Time

Co-curricular activities & Creative Expressions



Where Art is more the journey of learning than the end product!  The Upper Elementary and Early Adolescence students explore a new dimension of creativity under the tutelage of Mr. Srinivas Krishnan. Taking varied subjects, making it interesting and bringing it to the consciousness of children of this age, is the exposure that these classes aim at.

With fresh guest lecturers every week! So much is in store this year!! Novel concepts, novel way of learning!!



In-depth introspective and analytical sessions are conducted for the children of the Upper Elementary environment with an in-house counselor, Ms. Akanksha Thomas

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Take a look at some of the pictures to see how the life of an Upper Elementary child would be, at Sprouts!

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